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KPR Panin

ADDRESS Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1 – (Senayan)
Jakarta Selatan
PHONE (021) 2700545 (10 lines),
FAX (021) 2700340

You can have a Nice and Green house Quick and Easy with KPR Panin.

KPR Panin offers credit for house, shop-house/office-house, apartment, villa, land, renovation and construction.You can afford a new or second house from a contractor, private owner or property agent.So, make your dream come true with KPRPanin.

Getting the benefits from KPRPanin :
• Competitive interest rate
• Reasonable administration fee
• Moderate down payment
• Quick appraisal process with simple terms and conditions
• Credit limit up to 20 years
• Flexible partly or full settlement before due time
• Interesting programs to meet your needs

Enjoy the best service from all Panin Bank Branch Offices in Indonesia

Best service is our commitment. With online system in more than 250 branch offices in Indonesia, you can apply for KPRPanin nice and easy.

Terms and Conditions :
• Indonesian Citizen
• 21-55 years old range of age
• Employee/entrepreneur/professionals

No. Type of Document Employee Entrepreneur Professionals
1 Copy of Applicant’s ID
2 Copy of Applicant’ Spouse’s ID
3 Copy of Family Relationship Card (Kartu Keluarga) / Certificate of Marriage
4 Copy of Tax Registration Number &/ Annual Tax Return – Art. 21 Income Tax
5 Copy of Trading License, Company Registration, Domicile Letter
6 Copy of License
7 Copy of Bank Account or Account Statement (last 3 months)
8 Salary Receipt (last 3 months)
9 Copy of Financial Report (last 2 years)